Mini-Mentoring and Networking event for trans and cis women and non-binary people

One of our biggest motivations is to create a supportive network for trans and cis women as well as non-binary folks within the challenging gastronomical industry, to strengthen our relationships with each other, and enable new forms of exchange and intersectional synergies. If you’re starting out in an industry shaped by patriarchal beliefs and dominated by white men, it can feel overwhelming and at times impossible to find answers to your questions and encouragement for your ideas.

So here is our first event in what will hopefully become a series: Feed Your Need.
We invite you to come and network, meet new people and exchange ideas and contact cards. We will set up a couple of networking activities to break the ice and provide a fun and worthwhile experience.

In addition, we have brought together seven women who are very successful in their respective fields to provide answers, encouragement, and the necessary questions to push you forward in personal mini-mentoring sessions. We offer four 15-mins slots of one-on-one mentoring on six different topics with seven experts (24 slots in total). This means you will get valuable personal time with your chosen mentor in a quiet space, to discuss all your questions and ideas.
To secure your slot, you will have to book and pay in advance, to keep barriers low the suggested payment is 10 Euros. Please send an email to to book your session.

Here are all our available mentors:

Ruth Barry – Black Isle Bakery – Baking & Whole Sale

Ruth has come to Germany from the UK a couple years ago to master the very complicated German bureaucracy concerning everything “baked”. She has since run her “Black Isle Bakery” very successfully as a whole-sale business and as a stunning shop in Mitte.

Sarah Durante & Lauren Lee – Humble Pie Berlin & Fräulein Kimchi – Catering & Street Food

Both their respective businesses, Humble Pie and Fräulein Kimchi, are household names in Berlin when it comes to street food markets and catering. With their own production kitchen up and running, they know all the ropes of how to start out lean and grow into a powerhouse of hip and delicious food.

Milena Glimbovski – Original Unverpackt – Sustainable Businesses & Crowdfunding

With multiple companies to her name, innumerous speaking engagements, and even more people following her for guidance on everything sustainable, the founder of Original Unverpackt as well as Ein Guter Plan is the source for all answers on how to run a mindful business in a world that does not reward you for having a conscience.

Jessica Jungbauer – Freelance Journalism (Writing & Photography)

In the age of instagramming and internet-ing, everyone can be a content creator. Becoming a journalist, and a paid one that is, is much harder. Jessica is writing for outlets like Vogue, FAZ, National Geographic, The Guardian, and many more, and will tell you all about how she got there.

Dalad Kambhu – Kin Dee – Michelin Starred Chef-ing

A Berliner for merely 3 years, Dalad has taken the city by storm: she established and became the head chef of what is the most progressive fine dining place we have, her restaurant Kin Dee, where she combines recipes of her native country, Thailand, with local ingredients. For this, she just won a Michelin star, which makes her only the second female chef in Berlin to hold a star, and the first Thai restaurant outside of Thailand. She knows everything about how defy expectations and create your own career paths.

Kavita Meelu – Events & Community Building

Her role in turning Berlin from currywurst-only into a city topping best-food lists all over the world is hard to ignore. Starting mighty event series like Street Food Thursday and Burgers & Hip Hop, she’s a powerhouse when it comes to creating influential events and impactful communities. Her political activism makes her a stand-out and inspirational figure well beyond city-borders.

Please note, we will take a suggested entry of 5 Euro which we will share with the location and spend on organising more of our events and activities. If you book a mentoring slot, this entry fee is included in your payment.

Like all our events, we welcome trans and cis women.
Monday, August 26th, 19:00
Location: Okay Café, Pflügerstraße (Google Maps)

Happy connecting!

Cover art: Fanette Guilloud for ocré studio