The Feminist Food Club supports trans and cis women as well as non-binary people in the food industry, and exposes sexist, classist, and racist issues in gastronomy. 


The food world needs Feminism. By building and strengthening networks of trans and cis women as well as non-binary people and expanding our collective knowledge, we want to make this field a better place for everyone. With our work, we are committed to a feminist-driven social justice. Our aim is to create a more inclusive, diverse, supportive, and sustainable gastronomy.


Our Beginning

The FFC was founded in January 2017 by Mary Scherpe and Ruth Bartlett in Berlin, our home base. After spending years in and around the food industry, both felt the need to combine feminism and food in an action-driven group that provides a safe space for trans and cis women as well as non-binary people of the food world.

Working in the male-dominated realm of professional food making has real consequences for the mental health, financial stability, and career possibilities of trans and cis women. Historically however, the kitchen has been a place that women have been banished and chained to by men. This dichotomy is vital to acknowledge and understand the positioning of our group.


The FFC meets up once a month in Berlin to discuss, debate, complain, and elucidate in an continuous effort to support and encourage each other to be better feminists. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, find our group on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and donate to our group